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What is the Moderation Protocol System that Christianity Haven uses?

Christianity Haven operates on a six offense moderation system. While most cases of moderation misconduct will follow this process, the Administrators do reserve the right to deviate from the listed protocol should a case prove necessary.

First offense = Informal PM
Second offense = Informal PM
Third offense = Formal Warning
Fourth offense = Formal Warning
Fifth offense = Formal Custom Infraction
Sixth offense = Ban

What is the history of Christianity Haven?

In March 2015, Romanos, who had created and owned other forums in various formats, decided to start a new endeavor using vBulletin 4.2.2. He was approached by Lämmchen, who was in search of a new home forum, and asked if he would consider building a Christian forum. Romanos and Lämmchen had known each other on other forums, and even though this was no small task, it seemed like a challenging proposition.

Romanos needed a team to help not only with the start up but to follow through as the site grew. He contacted an old acquaintance, GenesisGirl who had strong organizational skills as well as site leadership experience. She agreed to assist even though her time was limited due to outside factors.

From the vBulletin site, Romanos contacted MarkFL who was well known for his expert vBulletin knowledge and creation of modifications. Mark agreed and immediately began improvements on the site, tweaking and fixing as needed.

This is the initial team that Romanos entrusted to build his new Christian forum.

Christianity Haven was opened to the public June, 2015.

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