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  1. 3 Genetic Parents?
  2. Journalist photoshopping pics
  3. Is eating meat ethical?
  4. Terminal illness and ending life
  5. Military Recruiting in high schools in the US
  6. Flag debate?
  7. Yard Sale finds and ethics
  8. No kill animal shelters?
  9. Are dinosaurs in the bible?
  10. Vaccinations
  11. Should children be handcuffed?
  12. Faking hate crimes
  13. Flat or Progressive Income Tax?
  14. the welfare section 8 ECT
  15. non-violent felons and firearms
  16. Do we have the ultimate right to kill?
  17. Wwyd
  18. The death penalty
  19. should people have the right to refuse to serve others
  20. should minors be tried as adults
  21. Should Muslim women be forced to remove hijabs (head scarves)?
  22. Belief vs. Fact
  23. Letting kids mess with guns
  24. Aliens
  25. guns in schools
  26. Underage drinking
  27. Boarding School Graduate Cleared of Rape
  28. Was it possible to stop 9/11?
  29. Right to Assault Rifle's
  30. LCMS and RCC Speak Out Against Planned Parenthood
  31. Creationism Is Not Science
  32. Muslims Are Not Atheists
  33. For a cool million?
  34. Road rage
  35. Should Homosexual Marriage be taught in Public Schools
  36. Racism, Hollywood, the Oscars, Liberalism
  37. Police self-defense (not a race thread)
  38. Cops using their lights for no reason
  39. Nursing mothers who pump at work
  40. Parents Killing Their Children?
  41. Who is most at fault?
  42. For the honour my country and the good of the people!
  43. Using those address labels from charities
  44. Kids running in front of cars
  45. Why I'm Pro-Life
  46. Service charge plus labor charges?
  47. Everyone has a headlight out?
  48. Atheism ...
  49. Is faith a wholly voluntary act?
  50. Myth: Atheism is a Denial of God That Requires Faith
  51. Students who leave school to protest
  52. Has Science Gone Too Far ?
  53. Nostalgia
  54. Christians respecting authority
  55. "Resist the Devil and He Will Flee from You"
  56. George Barna at it again...
  57. Love Changes Things and People - Sometimes.... A bit....
  58. Pregnant teen - should walk at Christian h.s. graduation?
  59. Sometimes the critics have a point.....
  60. Planned Parenthood
  61. Women - Do you eat?
  62. Is talking someone into committing suicide murder?
  63. How often does Christianity make people worse?
  64. How would you answer?
  65. Business and personal values
  66. How do Love and Judgement Differ?
  67. The Strength of your Intellectual Integrity
  68. Would you say anything if you saw someone being sexually assaulted?
  69. Math = White Privilege?
  70. Communion: Four Views
  71. Families controlling through Religion
  72. Are Immigration Laws Racist?
  73. Punished at school for talking about Jesus!
  74. Pope Francis tells gay man: 'God made you like that and loves you like that'
  75. Common Figure of Speech?
  76. Are Ethics learned or natural?
  77. If a business owner doesn't have your values do you visit their establishment?
  78. Refugees
  79. Is Jesus ministry relevant only to personal ethics?
  80. Changed Morality in the Catholic Church
  81. Do bans work?
  82. 30 year gap in accusation and consequences