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  1. Hoia Baciu - World's Most Haunted Forest
  2. Foreign Foods that are good
  3. Where have you traveled
  4. Big Ben?
  5. Greece Votes No On Bailout
  6. new zealand - now has official gender option on forms -male/female/gender diverse
  7. Travel - Prefer alone or with a group?
  8. 2,000 migrants enter the chunnel to get to UK
  9. Expats or Immigrants
  10. If you wanted to live in another country which one would it be?
  11. Sending money overseas
  12. Syrian Refugees
  13. What country has the best school systems?
  14. Christmas cultural differences
  15. Is it safe to travel
  16. Favorite place to stay...
  17. African Safaris
  18. Rome and Roman Empire
  19. The real first world war.
  20. Religious myth and historical reality.
  21. Which airline to use?
  22. The columbian exchange.
  23. Interesting documentary.
  24. Voting early
  25. International Pen Pals?
  26. When traveling by car what goes with?
  27. Customs we can't stand
  28. What customs in other countries are odd to you?
  29. Age of Discovery ( inspired from Happy Columbus Day! Thread)
  30. What Climate Change is Doing to The Polar Bears in Canada
  31. Travel Advisories
  32. Hotel Pet Peeves
  33. Bed Bugs at the airport!!